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PMEU Device

The Finnoflag PMEU (Portable Microbe Enrichment Unit) is an innovative instrument for use in the enhanced microbe detection process. Regardless of the choice of equipment and method in the final detection and analysis stage, the early phases of the microbe determination process must be handled effectively in order to get reliable results. The PMEU is intended for use in the early phases like sampling, transportation and pre-enrichment. It adds performance to these phases and speeds up the entire process.


Together with the sampling syringe - an innovative sample collector - the PMEU is the ideal device for efficient microbe diagnostics both in the laboratory and field as well as in the point-of-care situations.

The PMEU is designed to build up an optimal growth environment for microbes. This is performed by placing sampling syringes that contain samples with culture medium into the PMEU and by conducting desired air or gas mixture flows into the syringes and controlling the inside temperature of the PMEU. This results an accelerated microbial growth and expression compared with conventional methods.

The PMEU can be used and has proven its efficiency in many different application areas: The PMEU has real and measurable benefits for end-users and their organisations:

1. Portability and Ease-of-Use

2. Optimal Enrichment Conditions

3. Efficiency to the Detection Process

4. Savings

5. Safety

There are three versions of PMEU.

Currently contract manufacturer is Samplion Oy, Siilinjärvi, Finland.


1. PMEU Basic

2. PMEU Spectrion®
3. PMEU Scentrion®
4. PMEU Coliline®, Distributed by Berner Oy